An Activist’s Guide: Reducing Exposure to SLAPP Lawsuits

The Protect the Protest task force encourages activists, community organizers, and public interest organizations in the United States to read An Activist’s Guide: Reducing Exposure to SLAPP Lawsuits. This guide provides an introduction to SLAPPs and advice on how to respond if you face a SLAPP threat.

We hope this guide will provide you with the basic tools you need to get started in protecting yourself. However, please remember that each SLAPP case is unique, and each state’s laws are unique. If you face the threat of a SLAPP, we strongly recommend that you hire a lawyer to help you understand the specifics of your situation.

Topics include:

  • What is a SLAPP?
  • The Telltale Signs of a SLAPP
  • Know Your Rights: the First Amendment
  • Prevention: Reducing the Risk of Liability
  • Response: What to Do When Threatened
  • Defense: What to Do if You’re Sued
  • Conclusion: How to Get Help

This guide has been prepared for the Protect the Protest task force by the Civil Liberties Defense Center, EarthRights International, the First Amendment Project, and Greenpeace USA.