Here are some background resources on “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation” (SLAPPs) and advice for responding to legal bullying. If you or your organization faces the risk of a SLAPP, we strongly recommend that you find legal counsel, because each case requires a unique response.

  • What is a SLAPP? - Not all lawsuits are SLAPPs. Here are some of the warning signs of a SLAPP.
  • Who is vulnerable? - SLAPPs pose a threat to a wide range of individuals and organizations working in the public interest. Here are some recent, emblematic cases.
  • Know your rights - You can reduce your risk of SLAPPs by taking certain precautionary measures.
  • Get help - If you have been sued or face the threat of a SLAPP, here are some immediate steps to consider.
  • Our cases - Learn more about the work of the task force and its individual members.
  • Help us end SLAPP - There is wide support for ending SLAPPs. What we need now is unified action.