Have you met Donny Rico?

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One form of SLAPP attacks is the use of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to intimidate activists, lawyers and organizations. The Chevron RICO case launched against attorney Steven Donziger, other Ecuadorian lawyers and several Ecuadorian plaintiffs is a prime example of this tactic. Chevron also named many other individuals and organizations as “non-party co-conspirators” in order to issue multiple sweeping subpoenas and attempt to force them to divulge internal information and silence their campaigns.

This “Donny RICO” animated series, created by Pulitzer Prize winning animator (and Italian-American) Mark Fiore and Amazon Watch, explains the depth of Chevron’s deceit and misuse of the legal system to intimidate and silence its critics. Chevron’s legal team at Gibson Dunn & Crutchers even cited the animations in their complaints to the U.S. District Court as a conspiratorial tactic by Amazon Watch against the company.

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The cartoon that started it all, Donny Rico unveils Chevron’s strategy to reject Ecuador’s $9.5 billion verdict and accuse its victims of being the crooks.

Episode 2: WHO’S BRIBIN’ WHO?

It’s shocking to think a federal judge would allow a witness who was paid by one side for his testimony. In the real world that’s called bribery and corruption, but in Chevron and Donny Rico’s world it’s just another day at the office.

Episode 3: WHO’S BRIBIN’ WHO?

Chevron’s lawyers have waged an outrageous attack on the Ecuadorians and their allies. Paying some witnesses and intimidating others Gibson Dunn has built a reputation as the firm that does whatever it takes to win – Donny Rico style.

Episode 4: T’ANKS JUDGE!

Judge Lewis Kaplan conducted an outrageous trial in New York, which barred evidence of contamination, allowed secret witnesses, and forbade a jury. His bias was palpable, which makes sense considering it was his idea for Chevron to file the case, and he assigned it to himself.

Episode 5: BE THE VICTIM

Donny Rico and Chevron’s strategy to turn the tables on communities and activists fighting for justice involves casting themselves as the victims. Donny explains how they did it and why other corporations may soon be using the same tactics.