Case Update: Despite Retreat from City of Weed, ‘Weed 9’ Remain Resolute in Fight Against SLAPP

Status: Active

On August 11, Water for Citizens of Weed, California (WCWC) issued a press release announcing that the City of Weed ended its legal battle with Roseburg Forest Products and has conceded the rights to the Beaughan Springs, the main source of clean drinking water in the area. The City cited a lack of adequate financial resources as the main reason for its concession of the suit. 

The settlement of the case between the City and the company does not resolve the SLAPP suit that was brought by Roseburg against nine residents of Weed who spoke out against the company’s attempts to gain legal ownership over the Beaughan Springs and WCWC. Speaking on the remaining SLAPP suit, WCWC representative Bruce Shoemaker says, “We are confident we have a strong legal case. This is a textbook illegal ‘SLAPP’ intimidation lawsuit. We look forward to watching their lawyers attempt to defend the indefensible in court in Sacramento.”

For additional background on the dispute, see “The ‘Weed 9’ Rallies Against Corporate Water Grab And Legal Bullying.”