Electronic Frontier Foundation Helps to Launch the “Protect the Protest” Task Force

Status: Active

David Ruiz describes how the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has worked to tackle SLAPPs, and how the Protect the Protest task force will help.

Ruiz said, “EFF feels right at home in Protect the Protest. We’ve represented individuals facing SLAPPs, we’ve connected others with legal help, and we’ve repeatedly advocated for a strong federal anti-SLAPP law.”

Countless individuals and organizations face SLAPPs each year, often while expressing their civil liberties online.

Ruiz said, “The Internet should allow every person—no matter their income, assets, or connections in high places—the opportunity to participate in public debates. That is only possible when everyone can speak freely without the fear of legal bullying. Our constitutionally protected right to free speech carries through both online and off.”